Postscript to Perfidious Albion and Jewish Leaders

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POSTSCRIPT to Perfidious Albion and Jewish Leaders.

Readers will recall my condemnation of the behavior of Anglo Jewish leaders in a recent article.

My concerns about the caliber of Anglo Jewish leaders were reinforced this week when I learned of an interview aired on the BBC Radio on Monday (Manchester Jewish program) with the treasurer of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, a Mr. Laurence Brass.

Brass welcomed the settlement freeze and added that he wished it had been extended to Jerusalem.

He also stated “We [The Board of Deputies] must not be seen to be an extension of the Israeli Embassy which I think previous regimes have been” ..

In most Jewish communities such outbursts by a purportedly mainstream communal leader would not be tolerated. His constituents would demand that he withdraw such remarks and apologize or resign forthwith.
It will be interesting to follow the outcome.



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