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This is a reposting of an email sent out by the organization ‘Our Soldiers Speak,’ whose mission is to “bring the IDF’s proud truth from the front line of Israel’s battlefields to the people of the Diaspora”. It is highly recommended reading in these times when there is so much disinformation and so many lies permeating the media.

Dear Friends of Our Soldiers Speak, Friends of Israel and Supporters of Truth,

I trust this email finds you well, but somewhat uneasy as a result of yesterday’s headlines.

Many of you will be aware of the media bombardment that is once again striking at the heart of Israel and her right to defend herself, her citizens, her borders and her ports.

As is to be expected, the media is disseminating only one view point; that of the instigators of this latest controversy – the passengers, crew and financiers of the innocuously, but erroneously termed ‘Gaza Flotilla.’

The false and dishonest reports are already gaining ground – namely that peace-seeking passengers were immediately assaulted by Israeli commandos in an act of unprovoked aggression.

It is upon us to refute this claim based on evidence and a visual representation of the truth. We must do so without delay, before it takes root.

Those of you who were gracious enough to attend my seminars will recall my repeated emphasis of the responsibility and ability that we all have to use the tools we possess in order to defend the names and honour of the soldiers of the IDF.

You will recall that I have stated on countless occasions that though the IDF works to bring balance and honesty to nullify allegations, their efforts are quashed by a media machine that has no interest in reporting Israel’s true version of events.

All who read this email will be able to play a direct role in swiftly bringing the the truth to light.

Below is a series of media clips which show what actually transpired both prior to boarding and aboard the Mavi Marmara, the ship in question. Please view them without delay.

It is clear to all, based on this footage, that those on board the ship had no interest in peaceful protest, but rather pursued controversy, violence and bloodshed.

It is undeniable, based on the evidence to hand, that an attack on the Israeli commandos was planned, orchestrated and carried out with a total disregard for consequences to soldier or civilian.

It is beyond all honest doubt that the loss of life aboard the ‘armada of hate and violence’ was a direct result of an aggressive assault launched by a group of instigators interested only in the delegitimization of Israel and the troops who have once more endangered their lives to defend us all.

Friends, please let us all be clear on these points:

  • Firebombs are not the mainstay of peaceful protests.
  • Stun grenades are not the hallmark of conscientious objectors.
  • Violence is not the calling card of humanitarians.
  • Knives are neither ploughshares, not pruning hooks.
  • All were present and deployed against the IDF on the Mavi Marmara.

Please view the clips below and distribute them 
to your entire email contact list.

CLIP 1: A briefing by IDF Navy Commander, Vice Admiral Eliezer Marom instructing the commandos to show restraint during the operation.

CLIP 2: IDF Naval Officers communicating with the Gaza Flotilla

CLIP 3: A side view of the chaos that erupted as a result of the assault launched by the passengers. Please note that between points 0:52 and 0:54 one can clearly see the silhouette of a paintball rifle in the hand of the IDF commando – further evidence that the Israeli authorities hoped to commandeer the ship peacefully.

CLIP 4: An overhead view of the IDF soldiers beseiged aboard the Mavi Marmara

  • Let us now abrogate ourselves of the need for the truth to be painstakingly sought out once more.
  • Let us ensure that it is accessible to all who pursue it.

  • Let us take upon ourselves the work that the media has refused to undertake yet again.

  • Let us push back against this tide, safe in the knowledge that we do so with the truth at the very foundation of our efforts.

Such a simple act will yield immeasurable dividends.

With Heartfelt Thanks and Deepest Appreciation,

Benjamin Anthony (Sgt. Res.)
Founder, Our Soldiers Speak
email: [email protected]

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