Netanyahu’s address at the UN General Assembly

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If you have not heard Prime Minister Netanyahu’s address to the United Nations General Assembly I would urge you if possible to set aside 30 minutes before Yom Kippur and listen to it. Some newspapers have totally distorted what he said. Few gave credit to an outstanding articulation of the case for Israel which should be widely disseminated. It is not a public relations exercise. It simply skillfully tells the truth. If we had more of this we would at least be able to expose as charlatans those who continue their hateful efforts to demonize and delegitimize us.

Click on the links below to watch Netanyahu’s address to the UN

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

If after listening to Netanyahu’s address you want to see an example of the distortion employed by anti-Israel extremists frustrated with the diplomatic success and consensual support in Israel that Netanyahu has achieved, turn to today’s revolting coverage and distortion of the speech, written by Gideon Levy on the front page of the Haaretz newspaper.

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