Miguel Moratinos and the European malaise

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If you are in any doubt as to the bias and double standards Europeans apply against Israel, just read the farewell message of the outgoing European Union Representative towards the Middle East Peace Process, Miguel Moratinos (Jerusalem Post, July 1).

Moratinos has the chutzpah to tell Israelis “To wake up and shake off their die hard prejudice which sometimes prevents them from perceiving reality.” This from the representative of a nation whose government solved their Jewish problem in 1492; this on behalf of a continent which discriminated, persecuted, and killed Jews for centuries and whose soil only fifty years ago was drenched with the blood of the Six Million.

Moratinos acts as though Camp David and Barak’s offers to Arafat missed the European radar screen. In what can only be described as mind boggling gibberish, he patronizingly advises us to “stop the occupation” and provide Palestinians with their national homeland. It would seem he is unaware that the majority of Israelis have no desire to rule a single additional day over Arabs if our security can be guaranteed. And to top it off, Moratinos has the gall to tell a nation that desperately yearns for peace, that they should “wake up and treasure the Hebrew word Shalom”!

Like most European politicians, Moratinos appears oblivious that Israel today is the only state in the world whose neighbors seek its annihilation. And after all that has happened these past three years, it is surely somewhat obscene that Moratinos and his European ilk still try to bolster the standing of Arafat, the duplicitous mass murderer, who never had any intention of consummating a peace settlement with Israel and who led his people to the self destructive path of terror and suicide bombings.

Alas, Moratinos and his hypocritical associates not only continue supporting Arafat, who they claim [like Hitler] was democratically elected. They even refuse to ban Hamas, whose aims undeniably parallel those of Al Qaida.

I would ask Moratinos if he is aware that the Hamas leader, Dr Abdel Rantisi, is a pediatrician who transmutes children into suicide bombers. Certainly he would attest that his organization should not be banned because it is a “social welfare” body!

When Moratinos tells us to “wake up,” he stands in line with his other European colleagues, like Javier Solano, the European representative to the Middle East. Solano has chat sessions with Sheikh Yassin, the Palestinian counterpart to Bin Laden, and insists that this is perfectly in order because he is cautioning Yassin against suicide bombings. And this same Javier Solana, who four years ago, as NATO Secretary General, personally endorsed the use of cluster bombs on densely populated residential suburbs of Belgrade, now repeatedly condemns us for the targeted assassinations of those directly engaged in trying to blow apart our civilians in buses, restaurants and malls.

More importantly, perhaps Moratinos could explain why the Europeans invest so much energy in condemning Israel when over the past few years they were parties to the deathly silence which prevailed whilst literally millions of innocent civilians were being butchered in the Congo, the Sudan, Iraq, and Chechnya.

Moratinos’s admonishment to us not to bracket “criticism” of Israel with anti-Semitism is spurious considering that articles are being published in European papers daily challenging the legitimacy of Israel’s existence, comparing Israelis to Nazis, and initiating campaigns in the academic world to ban and boycott Israelis. He evidently considers that we are behaving hysterically when we protest against the frightening new wave of anti-Semitism in Europe accompanied by violence against Jews in the streets. Can it be denied that such trends represent a resurgence of the same cancer that led to the extermination of six million of our brethren?

In that context it is revealing to note the extraordinary response of European Union’s foreign policy chief, Javier Solana, to calls for intensified efforts to curb anti-Jewish violence arising from the recent international conference on anti-Semitism. Solana outraged U.S. Congressmen by describing reports of anti-Semitism as “overblown.” His spokeswoman in fact explicitly denied the existence of anti-Semitic sentiment in Europe.

The truth is that we are confused as to what motivates the double standards and bias Europeans employ against us. Perhaps post-modernism blinds them to identifying evil even when it confronts them in the face. How else to explain the moral equivalency Europeans employ by bracketing the actions of soldiers who try to protect our civilians with the ghouls seeking an early entry to Paradise by blowing themselves up amidst our women and children.

It takes a myopic delusion not to recognize the hatred which suffuses Palestinian society at all levels and that resembles the evil with which the Nazis indoctrinated an entire generation. How else to classify kindergarten children being groomed to murder their neighbors? Or mothers appearing on state TV publicly sanctifying children who blow themselves up as “martyrs”? Or the media and the Imams at the mosques calling on Palestinians to kill, kill, and kill and the spontaneous dancing in the streets whenever Israeli civilians are blown to pieces. Mr. Moratinos, if that is not evil, what is?

Could it be that the double standards applied against us are a by-product of guilt about Europe’s colonial past? Or is the questionable behavior of European grandparents during the Shoa being projected onto Israel? Can it be that a combination of these has intensified the resurgence of traditional anti-Semitism?

We are now undergoing yet another effort to achieve a negotiated peace settlement. Regrettably there are ominous parallels between our current “road map” and the Oslo Accords which proved to be such a cruel illusion. We will not subject ourselves to a repeat performance of Palestinian words of goodwill unaccompanied by action on the ground, and demands on us to make real concessions without genuine reciprocity. But we have pledged to do our utmost to bring about a constructive outcome and, despite a dיjא vu feeling about Abu Mazen’s nice words, it is still too early to entirely write off the “road map.” And it goes without saying that if progress towards a peace settlement is achieved that would be enthusiastically welcomed by the vast majority of Israelis.

Mr. Moratinos alleges that the Europeans and “most of the players on the international scene wish to support Israel.” Would that what he says were true. Unfortunately the behavior of the Europeans in recent years confirms that we remain “the people who dwelleth alone.” The sad but harsh reality is that if Mr. Moratinos and his like-minded associates represent our friends, we need no enemies.

I suggest that it is perhaps now high time for the Europeans themselves to “wake up,” stop meddling, end the efforts to resurrect Arafat, and enable the Americans to try to proceed without interference. They would do well to look in the mirror and ask why they have behaved so appallingly to the only democracy in the region whose creation was, at least in part, due to the horrors imposed on Jews by their forefathers only half a century ago.

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