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Those of you following the Claims Conference imbroglio may be interested in viewing the attached TV segment currently being televised in North America. It presents a discussion concerning the Claims Conference failure to prioritize the needs of survivors which I had with Sam Norich, a Claims Conference board member who is also the publisher of the US Jewish weekly newspaper “Forward”.

The interview took place one day before the US Justice Department charged employees of the Claims Conference with participating in the $42.5 million fraud. At that stage I was unaware of the fact that actual employees of the Claims Conference were orchestrating the theft. The interview focuses on the issue of the failure by the Claims Conference to prioritize the needs of ailing survivors. It does not deal with the lack of accountability for the $42.5 million fraud and the need to introduce a forensic audit and review the entire running of the operation.

In addition, I attach links to three relevant recent media articles dealing with the fraud

‘It’s Been a Very Ugly Experience’ Spiegel Online

‘America’s giant Holocaust claims fraud – more than just a blip?’ Haaretz

‘Demand justice, dignity’ Miami Herald

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