Interview with Shalom TV in New York

Shalom TV [1]

I attach, for those interested, the link to an interview with Mark Golub of Shalom TV [2] which was conducted during my recent trip to New York and which is being televised this week.

Mark Golub is an extraordinarily talented and highly professional interviewer and skillfully covers wide ranging topics in Israel and the global Jewish arena in the interview.

You can also view it on YouTube http://youtu.be/o89jdwMY9iw [3].

Shalom TV is an independent non-profit Jewish Television Network that fosters Jewish understanding, strengthens Jewish identity and inspires Jewish commitment through its comprehensive mainstream programming. Areas emphasized on this Free Video On Demand Network are Jewish studies, Israel, major community events, news analysis, movies, children, and culture. It is available in over 40 million homes in the United States and Canada. Many of its programs are also on its website,www.shalomtv.com [4]

1. For television viewing, go to www.shalomtv.com [4] and click on “ Find Us” on the menu bar. You can then select your cable company and see the channel numbers appropriate to your location. Since it is Free on Demand, it is available all the time. The program will be on through December 31, 2011 in the category “News and Israel.”

2. Go to www.shalomtv.com [4]. Click on “Watch Complete Programs” on the left side of the home page and then click on the category “News” in the middle of the screen where the program is archived.