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Further developments regarding Mick Davis head of the UK UJIA and the so called ‘Jewish Leadership Council’

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Guest post by Jonathan Hoffman

A petition calling for Mick Davis’ resignation as UJIA Chair – originated by me – has been signed by nearly 100 people.

The background is here:

Earlier this week Davis emailed me to complain about the wording of the petition. He threatened to sue me. The email was copied to James Libson of Mishcons. Because Mick Davis has far deeper pockets than me, I have closed the petition to new signatories and have taken steps to take down the petition.

How sickening that the man who wants “a new global Jewish conversation” uses his financial muscle to close down legitimate criticism of his comments. It seems that “conversation” is fine, provided the views expressed in that conversation – including reasonable critiques of his own views – are acceptable to him.

I have emailed Mick Davis as follows: “As part of the new “global Jewish conversation” that you want, I challenge you to a public debate, at a mutually agreed venue and with a mutually agreed Chairperson, on the motion “Mick Davis’ comments at LJCC on 13 November were unacceptable for a communal leader and he should resign as UJIA Chair” “

Let’s see if he takes up the challenge……

Originally posted in the UK Jewish Chronicle

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