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Sir, – Oleg’s cartoon of November 23 is the most disturbing caricature I have ever seen in the Post. It is reminiscent of the ugly antisemitic stereotypes we were accustomed to seeing in the Nazi and Soviet press. Racial caricatures of this type are objectionable no matter which group they vilify.

I have no sense of tolerance for Arab terrorists and murderers. I must emphasize that I am in favor of the toughest action being taken against terrorists, and I would support the death penalty against murderers.

However, even if the majority of Arabs were cut-throat assassins, that cartoon was one of the most shameful pieces of racial vilification that I have ever seen in the responsible Jewish media. Nothing can justify a cartoon which collectively portrays all Arabs as active participants in blood libels against the Jewish people.

ISI LEIBLER, Co-Chairman, Governing Board, World Jewish Congress, Melbourne, Australia.

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