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No such games 

Sir, – Speaking on behalf of the Anti-Defamation League, I can unequivocally say that Isi Leibler is totally mistaken when he suggests that American Jewish organizations have become reluctant to criticize American policies toward Israel (“The silence of American Jewish leaders,” Candidly Speaking, September 22).

When necessary, we have not hesitated to speak out, such as when the Obama administration focused on Israeli settlements or when it was implied that Israel was harming American interests.

What really seems to bother Leibler is that an American Jewish organization would at any point say something positive about the administration.

The truth is, we do not have the luxury to just be critics.

America is too important to Israel to play such games. So when America interceded to prevent a disaster at the embassy in Cairo, we praised the administration. When the US openly indicated it would veto the unilateral declaration of the Palestinians at the Security Council, we commended it.

There are those on the Left who never criticize the administration and those on the Right who never have anything good to say. We at the ADL cannot and will not fall into either position.

The relationship is too serious to play such games.


New York

The writer is national director of the ADL

Printed as a letter to the editor in the Jerusalem Post

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